Learning to Dance in the Rain

Greetings, Dear Friends!

I have tried waiting to write a post until my life settled down a little bit, but I have learned that around every corner is a new obstacle, and so, I must do my best to make time to rest and recoup as often as I can.

As you may know, I’m finishing up my second semester of my freshman year of college (I just have one more week to go), and I am a different person than when I began.

Today, April 27th, as I’m writing to you, everyone is in quarantine because of the coronavirus chaos. I have been moving quite a bit the last couple months, and after spending a week in Brazil and then having to move off campus into my friends’ house, I am currently spending the summer in Oklahoma with my favorite Aunt. In short, I have struggled academically and emotionally, and I have endured quite a whoopin’ in my personal life.

You would think that, being in quarantine and literally unable to go anywhere or do anything, I would have more time to blog and be creative and productive and studious, but the truth is, I’m exhausted. Netflix, dino chimckie nuggiez, and personal-size sparkling cider drinks have been my truest friends during this time, and I do not begrudge myself my countless (often back-to-back and right-after-getting-up) naps.

I have learned the importance of self-care in order to be a more productive and selfless being. Perhaps, instead of going on and on about my epiphanies, I’ll just make a little bullet point list of all the major personal life lessons that I’ve learned since I last wrote to you. These realizations have all kept me looking at the bright side of my complicated life, and maybe they will help you too:

~ When you don’t know how to respond to a situation, always respond with grace and temperance.

~ Hold your tongue when you’re mad at someone you love, and hold them whenever you can, no matter your mood, because one day you may not be able to.

~ People will most always think whatever they want of you, no matter what you say; so remember that your job in this life isn’t to prove them wrong, but to live (happily and unashamedly), trust God, and not give a hoot what they think.

~ A setback, no matter how big, is not a failure unless you ignore it; if handled properly, a setback is merely a hurdle that, once overcome, only makes you a stronger individual.

~ When life throws you lemons, remember that you’re a pineapple, so stand tall, wear your crown, and be sweet on the inside – and ofc, shimmy out of the way so someone else can catch them dang lemons.

~ That “weird” feeling isn’t always bad – sometimes, it just means your heart is learning to work within the new scar tissue that it has created to heal from a pain you got too used to having – remember to love that about your heart.

~ If you have a Bestie of the opposite gender who you argue like a beast with just to turn around & hug them & come back to them no matter what, marry them because someone wise told me “only people in love fight like that” & love is that simply and life is too short to play games.

I guess, as a sort of conclusion to my rambling, some could say that over the past couple months, I have successfully begun practicing the art of dancing in the rain.

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