I Made It…

Hey peeps!

I just wanted to update you from my last post in which many of you thought I was depressed and who’s to say I wasn’t…

Well, the update is: I made it.

I made it through my entire first semester of college and didn’t die. Being a successful freshie (thank you, thank you – don’t applaud, just throw money), I would like to share with you some of my most important takeaways from this semester…

1.) I have learned to study better and more seriously as I sit here writing this post on the last night to study/review before my 8am chem final for which I am not really ready
2.) I have learned how to make more/better friends as I sit here with only a handful of people who I actually take the time to listen to
3.) I have learned to be more outgoing and trusting as I sit here with only a handful of people with whom I share my life and emotions and most of them aren’t even from college
4.) I have learned to manage my time better as I sit here thinking about how I slept in this morning until 7:59am because I forgot to set an alarm and almost missed my 8am humanities final
5.) I have learned the importance of listening to other’s advice as I sit here disregarding almost everyone’s opinions because they lack biblical wisdom and/or common sense
6.) I have learned the importance of a regular sleep/eat/workout schedule as I sit here remembering how I pulled an all-nighter before my exams two nights ago, only ate 1.5 meals today, haven’t had straight up water in a couple weeks, and work out so irregularly my weight changes dramatically almost weekly

In the slight chance that you didn’t pick up on it, please realize I meant every one of those points sarcastically…

College has yet to teach me how to get my life together. However, it has taught me an unnecessarily and an unearthly enormous amount (did I mention a lot?) of chemistry (of which I only recall exactly 70.6%).

People say that college is where you go to live life and live out the best years of your youth. But in my eyes, college has, in many ways, only been a means to a greater end. I spent little time socializing my first semester, and I don’t regret it. I spent almost all of it on schoolwork (homework, reading, studying, pouting about it, complaining about it, crying about it, napping about it, study groups, visiting my profs’ offices, crying some more, stressing because I still don’t feel like I put enough in etc.)

Some would say I didn’t realize the full potential and fun of my first semester away from home. But all I realized was how much I not only wanted to be home – to be around familiar faces and places – but also just how much I wanted to get my degree and move on.

Some find college to be a solace from the world. But I, personally, find the world to be a solace from college and all of its petty, high-school-like drama (although, the library isn’t too shabby at all).

Anyway, I don’t want to be too pessimistic because college has taught me many important lessons, but mostly academic ones.

Perhaps the most important thing I realized was this: if you haven’t mastered distancing yourself from drama in high-school, taking notes in high-school, teaching yourself through high-school, motivating yourself through high-school, staying focused in high-school, then know this – college will not teach you how to do any of that.

You have to come into college already morally and ethically equipped, knowing what you want, having a good work ethic and a strong, confident mindset, and having a realistic game plan of how you’re going to achieve your goals successfully and efficiently.

Now of course, please realize I’m not saying you need to have EVERYTHING figured out – heaven knows I didn’t – just prepare yourself as much as humanly possible for you personally in order to make your college existence better, and I’m sure in many ways, more enjoyable on all levels.

On that note, good-bye first semester of college! I look forward to my next semester. As always, I will keep y’all posted, and of course, good luck to all my fellow college peeps out there!

7 thoughts on “I Made It…

  1. -applauds-

    All I need is about 99 more updates preparing me for my first year of college and I’m good to go xD

    In all honesty, I really could learn a LOT from this. My family would probably argue I’m wasting time right about now, but technically, I’m studying what college is going to be like, and this your blog has made my time here practical lol

    Though I’ve got a long ways to go. Motivation and focus are two things I lack, I found drama to be attractive (not as in I want to be part of it, but I want to study it, and I’m pretty sure I don’t need to be wasting my time like that), and I’ve never been a good note-taker. Teaching myself is the only thing you listed I’ve already mastered, and that’s because I learn a LOT when I go into a major exam and realize I forgot to study xD (You’d be amazed how much you can learn just reading the questions on a multiple choice quiz/exam/test)

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  2. Have only now taken the time to fully read your latest post. I enjoy hearing the self examination you have about your struggles,etc. I’m sure this next semester will hopefully be smoother ….but I’m sure with new challenges. You know we’re always here for you.
    Here’s some fatherly advice….Drink more water! (Not necessarily biblical advice)
    Well there’s the the spiritual water we all need more of..So, could be biblical if you take it that way.
    Love ya, Pa

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