Becoming an “Isaac”

Good day, Dear Readers!

I’m not going to bother apologizing for my long break from blogging. In short, over the past couple months, I’ve been settling into college and wrestling with many emotional and social changes. Needless to say, I have missed y’all, so let’s get into today’s post!

I really had no idea what to write about until two days ago, while I was sitting in my Exploring the Bible class and my professor began to teach about the story of Genesis 22 – the story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son. Now, I’ve heard this story countless times throughout my entire life. But until two days ago, I had always focused on Abraham – his faith in God, his obedience, his sacrifice, etc.

But on Tuesday, my professor pointed out that Isaac was probably not a child when this story occurred – or, at the very least, he was old enough and big enough to run away or fight his father – and while I had heard this fact before, I suppose it had never really registered. Anyway, my mind finally made the connection, and I realized that even though Abraham’s sacrifice was great, given what he knew of the situation, Isaac’s willingness to step onto that altar showed even greater sacrifice because there is no indication that Isaac knew anything about the situation or why his father was asking him to lie down on the altar, nor did he try to fight or talk his way out of the situation. He simply laid down – humbly and obediently. Now hold on to this in your mind, it will (hopefully) make sense in a short bit.

As I mentioned earlier, over the past couple months I’ve been struggling with some heartbreaking situations and with many trying social changes. As can be imagined, I have asked God too many “why” questions over the past couple months – even for my own comfort. Now before you hit me with the “Who are you to question God?” truths, I’m human so just bear with me for a nanosecond.

About a week or so ago, I asked God “why” for perhaps the gazillionth time, and all He said was “You are a Living Sacrifice”. Somehow, I suddenly had peace. Now, the pain was still there – poignant as ever – and the point of this post isn’t “10 ways to overcome emotional scarring”. But the self-doubt, the fear of being myself, and other things that had held me back from living life to its fullest, started to slowly melt away.

I am still trying to figure out what being a “Living Sacrifice” really means, and it is probably going to be my primary focus as I journey through life for the next year (or few), but like Isaac, I have decided to (stop fighting and) lie down on the proverbial altar of life. My life is not my own, and while I dedicated my life to God a long time ago, in many ways, I have failed to truly surrender it to Him. One thing I do know for sure is that being a living sacrifice requires total and complete surrender to God’s will even when I don’t know what His will is or why, and I know that sounds so basic, but faith is, indeed, that simple to understand – just not always that easy to put into practice.

How will you live your life to exemplify a lifestyle of being a living sacrifice for the Lord?

6 thoughts on “Becoming an “Isaac”

  1. Made me wonder if he laid there with tears in his eyes…fear, sadness, obedience. All the while not knowing why he was asked to do this. If he said anything else to his father that wasn’t recorded…”I love you father, and I trust you…even while a knife was being pointed down at him.”

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