A Spoonful of Reality in a Cup of Good Cheer

I am a blogger.

Or, well, I try to be.

And I try to be a good one, too.

I reciprocate favors for my generous blogger friends, I raise awareness for topics that plague modern culture, I try to encourage my readers and support my fellow authors, and I spend time making beautiful images on my Blog, finding pretty pins for my Pinterest boards, and taking gorgeous pictures for my Instagram.

But don’t let that fool you.

As a blogger, I can honestly say a lot rides on image. In fact, I would even go so far as to say my primary goal is creating an image, setting a mood, producing an atmosphere that emanates confidence, encouragement, honesty, kindness.

But let me be honest with you – blogging for me has been just as selfish as it is selfless.

I count my followers. I compete in a market of other writers for my tiny corner of the blogosphere. I support others to be supported. I follow others to be followed. I comment and like to receive the same. I show care and interest only in hopes of having that care and interest reciprocated. I network to become part of a larger sphere of influence.

And while many see this as the way to blog, to network, to expand, I have found myself becoming slightly vertigo when I consider the motivations I have behind Belrose Cottage because those were not my original intentions.

You see, I want to follow, like, and comment because I am truly interested. I want to advertise and support because I truly care. Numbers will always be there. Numbers will always fluctuate and falter.

But what have I if numbers are all that matter?

An empty sense of self-worth? An untrustworthy opinion of people I don’t even know? A reflection that I look at and sometimes say, “That is not me. But that is what sells.”?

I refuse to produce an image solely for the purpose of gaining approval.

I refuse to conjure an inaccurate reflection solely for the purpose of procuring a following.

I will chase my own dreams, I will write the things that are on my own heart, and I will grow to be my own person.

Not because it is popular. Not because my blog will grow that way. But because that was the dream that Belrose Cottage was founded on. That was the dream a young girl of 17 first had. That is the dream that will fuel this blog, fuel my posts, fuel my heart.

For the longest time, I was unable to write a post because I did not want to conform to what other bloggers were writing about, but I didn’t want to lose followers because of lame posts, and I worried too much about everyone not liking me or my writing (I suppose you start considering these things more deeply when your follower number is over 100).

But the truth is, I will be likable because of my personality, my character, and my words. There will always be people who do not like me. And that is alright.

So this Christmas, I promise to you, my Readers that, from now on, I will write honestly and bravely outside of the blogger topic circle, discover new horizons of subjects to write about, and honestly portray my passions, fears, loves, and hates without fear of being unliked or unfollowed.

This does not mean I will not cater to my readers anymore, because I absolutely will!!!

I suppose this is simply a reminder of what blogs are really for (more than meeting a “blogging stereotype”),  who readers really are (more than numbers), and who the blogger really is (a unique individual with unique passions that perhaps no one else in the world has).

That being said, if I do not write to you before then, may you all have a very, very Merry Christmas as we celebrate our Savior’s birth together.

14 thoughts on “A Spoonful of Reality in a Cup of Good Cheer

  1. Wow. I feel like I just listened to a presidential speech or something. Very well put together, and I like word choice, too. Plus, I’m surprised you actually posted something lol. You’ve seemed rather inactive since I started following

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      1. Haha I wouldn’t be so hard on myself, if I were you. You inspire more than you know. Sometimes, just a simple request to write again can change someone’s world completely. So thank you! πŸ™‚ But honestly, don’t ever stop surprising yourself. πŸ˜‰

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      2. :/ So, don’t be too hard on myself, yet keep surprising myself…
        Being Unprepared –> Surprising Myself
        Being Hard On Myself –> Being Unprepared
        Being Hard On Myself –> Surprising Myself
        Idk, maybe I’m not good at math or something, but the math doesn’t seem to add up lol

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      3. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard because I honestly cannot follow your train of thought here…
        Are you saying that…
        Being Hard On Myself -> Being Unprepared
        Being Unprepared -> Surprising Myself
        I do not believe that is a necessary pattern of logic…I think that is a bifurcation fallacy. One cannot always foresee the future so one cannot always be prepared, and thus sometimes cannot rightly be hard on himself. Therefore, one can surprise himself without at all being hard on himself.

        And by the way, the reason this may not add up is because it is, in fact, not math. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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      4. Lol no one can follow my train of thought XD
        Lol I guess you don’t understand the context. Basically, English is more inspirational, and math is more logical; opposites. Thus, I jokingly solve word problems with math and math problems with English πŸ˜€ It never makes sense, which is precisely the point

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  2. Hi svetlana! I’m glad to have you back. I always enjoyed whatever you posted and considered your blog one my favorites. Thank you for this super important reminder. I’ve been trying to put more effort into my blog but I’m very very glad that you wrote this post and reminded me what really matters on a blog. Thank you so much.

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