Poem of the Week: “Locked in a Photograph”

Nostalgia is a real thing. The pain of missing someone you love dearly is a real emotion. It’s more than real sometimes. Sometimes, it’s the only thing. And all you do is sit and remember and look at photographs. And write nostalgic poetry. So, here it is – a little breath from a lonely soul, a little smile from a lonely heart, a little memory from a lonely mind.


Sitting primly on my desk,
Like all our other memories – collecting dust.
I see you there, from long ago,
A fading smile, a subtle blow
And my heart stops beating.
I think of you and how we were,
All young and innocent and pure.
But now I wonder where you are,
For tears and miles push us apart
And all of me is desolate.
How would you see me now,
Now that I am all grown?
Would our hearts beat as one,
Or would you look at me and say, “We’re done?”
And part of me will die again.
Oh! My favorite elder Sister,
How I have tearfully, dearly missed her.
Locked in a photograph, away
From my sisterly, loving embrace
And it is all I can do to go on…
Β© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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