Snail Sanctification

My Beloved Child,

I know you want your troubles to be over. I know the daily struggles you face. I know the daily battles you wage. And I know that every day, you fail. You fall. You run out of courage. You become impatient. You lose faith. You discard love.

But, My child, I am here. Not to discourage you because I am perfect, and you are not. Not to taunt you because you feel as though you cannot reach perfection. Not to condemn you because you are imperfect, and there is nothing you can do about it in your own strength.

I am here to be your Father. Your Comforter. Your Yahweh. I am here to pick you up when you fall. I am here to hold you when you are alone. I am here to wipe your tears when you cry. I am here to listen when you are angry. I am here to love you when you are unlovable.

I am making you more holy. I know it is not how you would have it. It is slow, it is painful, but it is perfect because it is the way that I have made it, and the only way that I would have it. If the snail was able to move more quickly than I had created him to move, he would not take the time to leave a trail of silver. He would not have the time to appreciate the individual rocks, bumps, and stains of his journey. No, he does not always enjoy them. But that is not what I have created him to do. I have created him to travel.Β  I have created him to impact the things around him. I have created him to leave a beautiful trail for others to follow. The snail is not aware of the beauty he is creating with his trial of silver, but I do and everyone who sees it does, too. In short, I have created even the snail to reflect the beauty of his Creator – of Me.

If I have used such a lowly creature to show forth My glory, how much more would I want to use you, My dear child, as a vessel to show forth My glory?Β I know you want your circumstances to change now, but I have you in this circumstance now to leave a trail of silver in someone’s life. I know you are in pain. But am I not Lord of all? Am I not God enough to handle your pain?


And I love you.

With Eternal, Unconditional, and Undying Love,



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