Memoirs of Gettysburg

Hello readers! Did you enjoy your virtual visit to Cumberland Island? Well, now we move on to another one of my personal favorite stops on my trip.

After the magical pony island, my family and I continued north and toured the Gettysburg National Cemetery and Battlefield.

I have so much more respect for these soldiers and the service they rendered our country now that I know more about the battle and what these men suffered through to serve their nation and to uphold and defend their beliefs and freedoms.


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After a long day of touring and learning and observing, we proceeded to dine at the Dobbin House Tavern. I highly recommend this old-time tavern to anyone spending a day in Gettysburg. This quaint little tavern was built in 1776, and the restaurant is set up the way it would have looked back then, and the waiters and waitresses are dressed in 1700’s costumes to help bring the history of the place to life. And, of course, the food was phenomenal.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Gettysburg!
Comment below if you have visited any of these sites.
Have you tried dining at the Dobbin House?
If so, did you enjoy your experience?

Β© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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