Poem of the Week: “Rose Sunglasses”

Hey guys! This week I went shopping with my mom and came home with these fabulous rose-tinted sunglasses. And when I first put them on, the difference between how stark the real colors of the world were and how soft the sunglasses made them appear really struck a chord with me, and this poem came into my mind of the way we sometimes want to see the world, and the way the world really is.

Rose Sunglasses

I look right through my brand new rose sunglasses,
Surrounding me as I am unaware,
Oblivious to all the milling masses,
Of all the pain and struggles thriving there.
I plunge into the deepest, darkest sea;
My eyes are opened to a world of dreams,
As my imagination swallows me.
Reality is false and rips at seams
That hold the things most dear unto my heart,
And I am helpless now as I stand by
A pain sweeps through me as I fall apart;
And all I thought was real is now a lie.
Because reality was way beyond
The rose sunglasses of which I was fond.

© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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