Friday’s Favorite Five: Musicals

Hello, my dear readers!

I watched one of my most recent favorite movies last night, and it got me thinking about all my favorite musicals. And I realized that there are not nearly enough musicals in this world.

But that’s a topic for a different time! Tonight, I am going to share 5 of my favorite musicals with y’all, and if you haven’t seen them……..well, I mean, go see them already!

So, this particular list is not ranked 1-5. I have listed them as I think of them – which I suppose is, in a way, pre-prioritized……if that’s a word? Well, I just made it one.


#1 The Sound of Music
Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. Since I was about 7, I have watched this movie and sung its songs more times than I can count. The beautiful musical story of the Von Trapp family singers always captured my heart with its warmth, sweetness, humor, and beauty.

#2 Mary Poppins
After watching this movie for the first time, I was in love. I would dress up like Mary Poppins almost every day during the summer – complete with a hat, umbrella, and a big cardboard box for my “carpet bag”. I would start at my front door and knock (and my dedicated and sweet Mama would open every time), and I then I would go through the house and use my imagination to play each character – because I could recite each character’s line almost to perfection by this time, and I would walk around singing until Papa came home, and by that time I would be finishing with the final verse singing, “Let’s go fly a kite! Up to the highest height! Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring! Up through the atmosphere! Up where the air is clear! Oh, let’s go, fly a kite!”


#3 The Greatest Showman
All the shine of a thousand spotlights. All the stars we steal from the night sky. Will never be enough. Never be enough. Towers of gold are still too little. These hands could hold the world but it’ll. Never be enough. Never be enough. For me. This is my newest addition to this list that kicked Footloose out. I watched it last night, and oh my goodness! This is the best modern musical I have seen so far! After going to see The Greatest Show on Earth circus, I was always in love with the circus, and I was devastated when I heard that it had closed. But this movie, was beautiful – so genuine, so heartfelt, and so perfect. I have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat for the past few months, but after having seen the movie, I have listened to this soundtrack with even more devotion – replaying each scene with its song. And I may or may not be listening to it right now…..


#4 My Fair Lady
I’ve grown accustomed to her face. This movie stole my heart at the early age of 9. My Great Aunt had given me a VCR of it to watch (yeah, yeah, I’m old…), and I remember watching it all by myself in my grandparent’s living room under their coffee table. And Eliza stole my heart. Completely. And left me speechless. I think the reason I adored this movie so much at first was because when I first watched it, I was still learning to speak English, and I could definitely commiserate with Eliza as she practiced her sounds daily.


#5 The Music Man
Right here in River City, Trouble with a capital “T”, And that rhymes with “P” and that stands for pool! From the first scene, Harold Hill is singing his way out of tight spots and right back into them. Harold captured my heart as easily and completely as he did Marian the Librarian’s. And who could blame her? Dreams are dreams not because they are reality but because they show promise of becoming reality. And Harold Hill lived in his dreams until his dreams became reality.


I hope y’all enjoyed these suggestions!
Comment below if you have seen any of these,
Which ones you like the most,
Or which ones you plan on seeing!

15 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorite Five: Musicals

  1. Top 5 favorites- not easy. Will list ones I love (include stage/movie ones) and in no order

    1. Greatest Showman
    2. Music Man
    3. South Pacific
    4. Annie
    5. Sound of Music
    6. Newsies
    7. Beauty and the Beast
    8. Pippin
    9. Phantom of the Opera
    10. Wicked
    11. Les Mis
    12. Rent

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes!!! I absolutely adored Beauty and the Beast – live action. And the Phantom and Les Mia are a couple other favorites of mine too!!! Awesome list! Thank you for sharing! 😊👏❤️


  2. I grew up on The Sound of Music! It’s sooo good! I haven’t watched The Greatest Showman YET but I plan to! The music I’ve heard is amazinggg ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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