You Know You Are a Bookdragon When…

Are YOU a Bookdragon? Let’s see! You know you are a bookdragon when…

1.) You read a 400 page novel in an hour and a half.
Y’all I did this while waiting for my dad at the library the other day. He called me “crazy”. Maybe?

2.) You drink more tea in one night than China produces in a year.
I dunno about you, but after a while, I start losing track of how many cups I have had in one sitting.

3.) You have Goodreads.
Let’s not be delusional. You only have Goodreads and actually use it if you are a Bookdragon…even bookworms get bored with it. But us? Naw, never.

4.) You stay up until 2 in the morning in order to finish a book.
Ya just couldn’t put it down, could ya? Yeah, neither could I…

5.) You have a book crush.
Okay, I’m not gonna lie…all the best guys are in my books and movie actors have nothing on them, much less the guys I know in reality.

6.) You cry, laugh, snort, fume, break, or die when reading.
I have done this many times. I have died so many times through reading that I am no longer afraid of death not only because I am saved by the blood of Christ, but because I have stared it in the face way to many times to be afraid at this point. I have begun weeping and laughing randomly in the middle of reading, and my parents have wondered if they had raised a sane child after all. No, no you didn’t.

7.) You read in the loo.
Just how dedicated are you?

8.) You read different renditions of your favorite stories.
You have no idea how many “Cinderella” renditions I have read, how many “Beauty and the Beast” renditions I have put on my TBR list, and how many “Pride and Prejudice” renditions I have been searching for over the entire face of the earth. And the greatest part? These stories will never grow old because they are just that…timeless.

9.) You pray for a rainy day just so you have another excuse to read.
I plead the 5th.

10.) You have been grounded from books for discipline.
Talk about hell on earth. I mean, parents learn from this one. You want your bookdragon to behave? This will definitely do it…

11.) You speak in Bookish daily.
After breakfast when your dad asks about lunch: “But what about second breakfast?” When you give your mom a hug: “Mama, allow me to tell you how ardently I love you.”
When talking with your friend: “My friend, you are practically perfect in every way!” When you meet a friend randomly at school: “Well, yes, I am wandering around this college campus. But not all those who wander are lost.”
When you are doing math homework: “Curiouser and curiouser.”
When someone is telling a story and can’t decide where to begin: “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”

12.) Your brain makes Bookish connections and word associations.
Someone says “middle” and you think “earth”. Someone says “Mr.” and you think “Darcy”. Someone says “secret” and you think “garden”. Someone says “raindrops” and you think “on roses”. Someone says “Mary” and you think “Poppins”. Someone says “so” and you think “A needle pulling thread.” Someone says “I don’t think…” and you finish with “Then you shouldn’t talk.” Someone says “Oh no! Whoops..” and you say “Lady Catherine will never know.”

Alright, my dear friends, that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed all those and can relate!


Comment below if you can relate
to even one of these things!

8 thoughts on “You Know You Are a Bookdragon When…

    1. I use it to keep track of the books I am reading, want to read, and have read. I also use it to converse with other authors and bloggers. And I send updates to my friends when I have blog anniversaries, parties, or have a new post/page I want to share! And I love seeing what all my friends are reading, and I love when I hey book recommendations from my friends. Y’all should definitely get it. 😉😊💕


  1. LOL! That is great! XD Oh and #10 *weeps and cries* It’s true. The only thing I might not relate to is the tea part. I’m usually so engrossed in a book, I don’t want to take time to make tea. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaawww haha I am so happy you liked this post!! 😀 LOL yeah the only reason I can drink tea is because it is kind of an absent-minded activity while I’m reading haha. 🙂 ❤


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