Praiseworthy Part 1: “Christ’s Abounding Love”

Hey y’all, over the next couple days, I am going to share with you the lyrics of three songs I wrote a couple years ago. I wouldn’t consider these “worship songs” per se, but they are contemporary Christian songs about God, His love, and our unworthiness. Without the music, they simply sound like poems, but if I receive enough likes, comments, and shares, I just might post recordings of these songs! Here is the first one for y’all to enjoy.

His Love

Jesus took away my darkness,
And He gave to me His light.
I was lost in a life so shameful,
‘Till He showed me His delight.

His love is an ocean,
His love is a sea,
His love is a fountain
That’s pouring out of me!

He’s the Savior of the world,
He’s the King of all Creation,
He’s the Lord over my heart,
He’s the Ruler of all nations.

Your love is an ocean,
Your love is a sea,
Your love is a fountain
That’s pouring out of me!

And until I see His face,
I will give Him all the praise
That my heart could ever sing
In adoration to my King!

© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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