Friday’s Favorite Five: Easter Traditions


It’s almost Easter!!! Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. Celebrating our Savior’s resurrection has always brought me such joy, as I pray it brings you as well! So, needless to say, I am going to share with you guys five of my favorite things to do on Easter that are completely Christ-centered!


5. Easter Basket
A rather common tradition, but one which was always made special by the symbolism in each gift. I always receive a chocolate cross and little lamb (which I will refer to later on) which served as faithful and sweet reminders of my Savior’s sacrifice and triumph.

4. Resurrection Cookies
Although not very tasty (because that is not the point), these cookies make for wonderful reminders of Christ’s Resurrection. If they are baked correctly, the cookies will be hollow on the inside, reminding you with every bite that Christ is, indeed, risen! Here is a suggested recipe to try, if this is your first time: Resurrection Cookies

3. Resurrection Eggs
My family was never really big on “easter egg hunts”, but my parents did have a dozen of those plastic colored eggs. But they did not hide chocolate in them, I can tell you that. My parents would scatter all 12 Resurrection Eggs around the yard. And after I found each one, I would put them in numerical order, by the number written on each one. Then I would open them in that order. Each egg contained a Bible verse printed on a strip of paper and a little object telling the story of Christ’s Last Supper, betrayal, suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection.



Egg #1 ~ Matthew 26:26 with a little piece of cracker/bread
Egg #2 ~ Matthew 26: 14-15 with 3 dimes (silver coins amounting to 30)
Egg #3 ~ Mark 15:17 with a piece of purple cloth
Egg #4 ~ Matthew 27:29 with thorns (or two small pieces of rose stem)
Egg #5 ~ Mark 15:15 with a small piece of twine, rope, or thick string
Egg #6 ~ John 19:17-18a with a cross (preferable wood)
Egg #7 ~ Luke 23:38 with a piece of cardboard saying “This Is The King Of The Jews”
Egg #8 ~ Matthew 27:48 with a little piece of sponge
Egg #9 ~ John 19:34 with a spear (my mom used a toothpick and covered one tip with aluminum foil)
Egg #10 ~ Matthew 28:2 with a rock or stone
Egg #11 ~ John 20:25b with three nails
Egg #12 ~ Matthew 28:6 with nothing in it

2. Reading of the Resurrection Story
Though a seemingly simple tradition, this was always one of my favorite traditions because it gave me the chance to read the story out loud and helped me to hide it in my heart from a tender age (Proverbs 119:11).

1. Lambs, Lambs, and more Lambs!
Every Easter I get a lamb to remind me of my Savior as the Lamb of God. Now, when I was little, I would receive a little stuffed lamb…..

…and boy do I have collection of varied shapes and sizes…

Now that I am older, however, despite the fact I still name all my stuffed animals and sleep with them on occasion (yes, I know I am 17 going on 18, but hey…I’m not getting any younger, right?), my parents decided it was time for me to have some more mature lambs. So, now I receive Hummel figurines. So far, these are the three I have received and love with all my heart:

From Left to Right: Farewell, Angel Serenade, and Favorite Pet

And that concludes this post! I hope you enjoyed these ideas!! Now, go celebrate our Savior’s resurrection and don’t forget to make wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

He Is Risen
What are some of your favorite
Easter traditions?

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