Learning to Let Go

Hey Guys!

So, over the past few months to a year, I have had to learn one of the hardest lessons I think I will ever have to swallow. And this was the lesson…

Friends come and go.

What I  thought was perfect, was not actually meant to last.

I had to learn to let go…


Now, I have a couple friends who I don’t think will ever stop being my friends (or won’t for a while…or least better not…), but I have also had a couple friends who have moved on…

Into college…into life…into other friendships and relationships…

And we simply don’t keep in touch as much, if at all.

And at first, the realization that we were no longer friends shattered me.

We weren’t friends because of something bad that had happened. But since we didn’t keep in touch, we didn’t know much about each other as our lives progressed. Talking was hard because we were constantly trying to rebuild a friendship instead of moving forward with it.

And as time progressed, we simply became acquaintances…

And that broke me…

But Psalm 147:3 reminded me,He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

And I realized that my shattered heart would mend – not because I had forgotten, but because I have an Almighty Healer and a Magnificent Counselor Who would make me remember the sweet memories.

I learned that, in the future, parting may be a little easier if I kept a couple things in mind, and I would like to share those couple things with you now:

1.) Do not take your friendships for granted.
2.) Do not leave desired words unspoken.
3.) Do not be the one who abandons the friendship.
4.) If you are the only one initiating the friendly encounters (via email, text, or in real life), consider letting go. A one-sided friendship is not a friendship.
5.) Never leave a friendship or let a friendship close with hard feelings or burned bridges. You never know – your friend may need you in years to come.

And that’s it! I hope this post was relatable for at least some of you. If you have felt like this please know: You are not alone.


Have you ever lost touch with a friend
you would have liked to keep forever?
How did you heal?

Contact me if you are experiencing a hard time
and would like emotional/spiritual
support, and although I can’t promise to take your pain away,
I promise I will listen.

7 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go

  1. I agree with you. I just recently placed a distance between myself and a friend because he wasn’t intrested in perusing a relationship with me and I had become really close to him. We are on good terms though, but just not as close as we used to be, and it hurt me.

    I also had a time when my best friend sort of turned on me and we didn’t talk for like 6 months. But then she was struggling and I reached out to her and we’re better friends now than we were before. It really is amazing how God works.

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    1. I know exactly how you feel. I am really happy that you guys managed to still be friends. You seemed to have exercised wisdom in your relationship, and that is an even greater treasure.

      Also, I am in awe of how you reached out to your best friend. Sometimes life can get in the way, but you set aside your pain and held out your hand. That’s a true friend. 😊😊😊


  2. Sometimes the friendships we have are seasonal, and that is okay. As for your situation, I so strongly believe that God intervened to separate you from them. Maybe you are both headed in different directions in which His Purpose no longer remains. Or maybe you all will speak soon someday, but still need to be separated to learn whatever it is you need to be a stronger steward for the Lord. Whatever His intention is, it is always for the better! Do not let the enemy rob you of your joy by reminding you of your loss but count on God for what you are about to receive.

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