6 Month Blogaversary Blog Party


Today, March 14, is the 6 month blogaversary of Belrose Cottage!!! Here we are at 6 months and counting!!!!

To celebrate, I am hosting another Blog Party! The last one went very well and I had a ton of fun exploring all your blogs, so I am hoping to encourage an even larger turn up this time! Cake for everyone!

But first, let me give thanks:
~ To my Savior God for giving me the drive and knowledge to write!
~ To my parents and friends for their constant encouragement and support!
~ To you, my beloved Readers, ALL 110 OF YOU, for giving me the most amazing and sweet audience!


Now, for a few quick stats:
In this first 6 months of its youth, Belrose Cottage has had quite a successful few months and here are the most currents stats:

~ Total of 58 Posts
~ Total of 2,709 Views
~ Total of 744 Visitors
~ Total of 394 Likes
~ Total of 163 Comments
~ Has been viewed by readers in a total of 41 different countries: United States, India, Nepal, United Kingdom, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, South Africa, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, Russia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Poland, Singapore, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, European Union, Brunei, Netherlands, Cameroon, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Kenya, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, Switzerland, and Nigeria


Now, on to the good stuff y’all have been waiting for…

…drum roll please…


I asked you guys to submit your questions, and the number of questions I received was wonderfully overwhelming!!! I really enjoyed reading through your questions, and no matter how silly the question, I have decided to include every question that I was asked! Thank you so much for participating!!! Now, without any further ado, let’s get into the questions!!!

1.) How do you have so much time to read???
I read a lot for school, so much of my homework consists of reading. But just as someone finds time to binge watch shows on Netflix or Cable (neither of which I have), I simply sit and read at night, in the morning, outside, in the car, etc. And I have a very fast reading speed because of how much reading I am required to do for school, so that helps.

2.) Where were you born?
I was born in a little town in Ukraine, and my name is popular in both Ukraine and Russia!

3.) Do you have any siblings?
I have two older sisters in Ukraine.

4.) What MBTI personality type are you?
I actually haven’t taken one of those tests. I vary depending on the situations, but I am (mostly) extroverted and friendly and super energetic, as I’m sure many of my family and friends will tell you.

5.) What’s your favorite pastime?
Hmmm….I have so many! I do enjoy reading and writing (obviously) but I also enjoy archery, embroidery, pyrography, soccer, and swimming just to name a few. Ahhh I’m so sorry I don’t really know which is my favorite…..

6.) Tea or coffee?
Hmmm….I’m going to have to go with tea….unless it’s a Java Chip Frapp from Starbucks…..

7.) Do you have any noticeable quirk?
Okay, I don’t know if this counts, but I like things either really neat or really messy. So, I will make sure all the edges of the books on my table are exactly aligned and centered in relation to each other and to my table, and I will also align the playing cards in a neat stack in the middle of a game if they are off just a bit, but if they are crazy messy and wacky, then I’m okay with that too…I dunno how to describe it…It has to be all neat or all messy…no in between, I suppose…

8.) How many books do you own?
I have a ton of books in boxes, so I can’t count them directly, but I believe most all of them are school books from a curriculum for which I read roughly the same number of books yearly (give or take a couple) and I did the math for how many years were in the boxes. So (not includinbg textbooks or ebooks or Kindle books) I only have over 350 printed books (but I’m sure probably not over 400)…

9.) Favorite genre in reading or writing?
My tastes are really varied, but I think I enjoy Fantasy and Fiction the most…

10.) Which do you prefer: country, town, or city?
Country heart forever…

11.) Do you like shopping?
Okay, this is hard because I am super particular about what kind of shopping. So, I loooooovvveee shopping for jewelry, houses, house decorations, food, pets, and books. I hate shopping for clothes, though, and when it comes to shoe shopping, I only like shopping for boots.

12.) What is one of your favorite books?
Right now, I would say my favorite book (or the one that I am thinking of re-reading at this moment…) would be Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Alone Yet Not Alone by Tracy Leininger (agh!!! sorry…I tried for one…). I really appreciate you saying “one of”, by the way!

13.) Who’s your favorite author?
Ummm…well…ummm…hmmm…I’m gonna go with I don’t have a favorite. I have a ton of favorites: R.C. Sproul, Jane Austen, Sinclair Ferguson, Christopher Paolini, Elizabeth Elliot, Corrie ten Boom, Darlene Deibler Rose, Bruce Olson, Maria Von Trapp, John Dekker, Winston Graham, Herman Melville, and many, many more.

14.) Any embarrassing moments you’d care to share?!
Oh dear…hmmm…perhaps if this wasn’t the World Wide Web . . . Maybe in a future post?

15.) What is your favorite color to paint your nails?
Red…or pink…or anything with sparkles and glitter…and bright colors…

16.) How do you feel about Grey Poupon?
I usually pass it…(kudos if you got that reference 😉)

17.) Do you have an official stance on Otto Warmbier?
No, not really. I don’t have enough information to actually take a stance…

18.) If Pinocchio says, ” My nose will grow now.” Will it grow?
Can I just smile here? Yeah? Okay…😊

That’s all friends!!!!! Thank your for sending me your questions!!!!!


Enjoy the Blog Party!
Feel free to post your blog more than once!

16 thoughts on “6 Month Blogaversary Blog Party

  1. Hi, I’m Emily! I am a lifestyle blog that writes about a multitude of things such as relationships, life events, hauls, wedding planning, home decor, faith & MUCH MORE! Check it out!💖 —https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/

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  2. 😦 I commented back when you just posted this on GR but I guess it didn’t go through.

    Happy blogiversary! 6 months is awesome! My year blogiversary is coming up. I’m gonna do a giveaway. XD.

    How do YOU pronounce your name?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh no!!! 🙁 Well thank you friendie!!! 😊 Congrazzles!!! I’m going to go check it out and enter!!! Okay, so it’s pronounced sf-E-ta (with a short e) 😊😊😊


    1. Thank you!!! I am super excited to keep blogging! 😊💕

      Thank you for sharing your blogs! I’ll be sure to check them out as I love bookish things! 😊

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