YOU’RE INVITED: Blog Meet & Greet Blog Party

My dear readers,

You are most cordially invited to my first Blog Meet & Greet Blog Party!!!!

Here is your official invitation:


There are a few things we should keep in mind before we start the party…

To begin, I would like to introduce to you a blogger friend of mine who attends the same online school as I do, and who has a very well-written and well-supported blog advocating an awesome cause. I do not want to give too much away, but I would ask you to please go visit my friend’s blog and give her some love and support for all her hard work, dedication, and exquisite organization: My Friend’s Blog

Next, I would like to lay out just a few simple rules (I know, I know, I’ll make it quick…) for this blog party:

1.) Like this post!
2.) Comment below sharing a short introduction about yourself and your blog’s link!
3.) Reblog this post or share it through other social media to spread the word! The more the merrier!

If I get enough likes and comments, I will host another blog party soon for my upcoming 6 month Blogaversary!

Also, comment below if you would like me to host a blogger Q&A (where you can ask me any question), and if I get enough requests I just may do it!



46 thoughts on “YOU’RE INVITED: Blog Meet & Greet Blog Party

      1. I went back to my site and fixed the mistake I made in the title.
        Id mistakenly posted this as Phyllis Rogers’ post, but now I realized my mistake, and corrected the reblog site title.
        Thank you for encouraging the saints. 😊

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  1. Hi, I am Rhonda of
    I am a mother of three two grown men and a teenage daughter and also a newlywed of months and I love the feeling and hope that It never leaves. I am a entrepreneur of my own business called Fly High Virtual Assistance and I also do network marketing which my blog at the moment is all about. Network marketing well she is a lost cause I hear ti all the time. I believe that you need to not have just one income coming in but a couple in addition if you don’t learn new ways to socialize then life is passing you by which is one reason why I came into network marketing. My own business as a virtual assistant was created out of necessity because i wanted to make sure that my skills were on point and i wanted to help people in network marketing that had no clue on how to do what I do well from corporate america.. Anyway thank you for allowing me to get onto the platform

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  2. I have a lifestyle blog where I write about a multitude of things including life events, hauls, wedding planning, home decor, relationships, faith & more! Come check it out!💖 —

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  3. Hi! I’ve actually just started mine so only have two posts, but there are plenty more to come! A lot of it will be things that are or have been on my mind. I’ll be writing about things I’ve dealt with, ranging anywhere from death to a minor inconvenience that somehow changed my life. I hope to help both myself and others through my experiences and writing. 🙂

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  4. I am a lifestyle blog that writes about a multitude of things such as relationships, life events, hauls, wedding planning, home decor, faith & MUCH MORE! Check it out!💖 —

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    1. Please send me the questions you would like me to answer in the post through the contact form. I may not answer all of them, but I will definitely consider all! Thank you! The more questions the better! ☺️

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  5. Hi I’m cami! I’m just trying to spread my faith and my blog! It’s small right now but I’m so ready to make it big and share God’s love to so many! Here’s my link –

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