Friday’s Favorite Five: Memoir Authors

I kept a personal diary from the time I was 8 until last year, shortly after turning 17. In it, I recorded not only my life and my emotions, but special moments in the lives of my friends and family – a momentous birthday, an important occasion, a prominent promotion, a milestone, etc.

I dearly regret stopping it, but times have changed. Instead, I try to capture the moments via camera as often as I can so that I can create a scrapbook (sometime in the hopefully not so far away future), rather than simply writing words which do not convey as clearly one’s emotions as one’s smile.

Nevertheless, I see the value of keeping a diary, of recording the beauties in everyday life, of capturing the special moments, just to go back, read over them, and in a way, relive them.

If you haven’t kept a diary before (or did, but stopped, like I did), I would strongly encourage you to try it. It is a perfect outlet for all your thoughts, and it really helped me keep track of prayer requests, as well.

In this favorite authors post, I will give you guys five (…six?…) of my favorite memoir authors and their coinciding memoirs, which I have read.



#5 Natasha Vins & Anne Frank
In her autobiography entitled Children of the Storm: The Autobiography of Natasha Vins, Vins recounts her life as a Christian in a very persecuted environment in Soviet Russia. Despite the pressure of her teachers and her peers, Natasha remained a steadfast Christian. May we all have the same unwavering devotion to our Savior in this materialistic age.

Many have read Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl, and you may be one of those privileged many. However, if you have yet to indulged in this rich memoir of a young Jewish girl, please go read this book! You are missing out on the mingled humor, joy, and tragedy of this young girl’s life. In the midst of tragedy, Anne finds beauty in words and beauty in life. Her wise outlook on the dreariest of situations encourages the reader to find the light, no matter the darkness. Anne Frank gives the reader a rare glimpse into the heart and mind of a young girl, and this is one treasure you cannot afford to ignore any longer.



#4 Monty Roberts
One of my favorite people to have walked the earth, Monty Roberts is a diamond in the rough, so to speak. The Horse Whisperer. The Man Who Listens to Horses. And that is the name of his book. Honestly written with wise insight, this book will truly capture your heart as it did mine. Also, if you are a real horse-lover (like me), you may want to read Monty’s book Shy Boy: The Horse That Came in from the Wild. Simply beautiful true story.



#3 Corrie ten Boom
I read The Hiding Place: The Triumphant True Story of Corrie Ten Boom for the first time in middle school, and I fell in love – with Corrie, with her writing, with her courage, with her faith, with her story. Her witty personality and unfaltering faith inspired me to be a better Christian and a better woman. Often, I complain because of minor discomforts in my already overly-comfortable-first-world-lifestyle, and I forget that others have had it worse – and currently have it worse – than I do. Through her pain, Corrie became stronger in the Lord, refusing to yield to her adversaries, her doubts, her weaknesses. Reading about the lives of people like Corrie brings tears to my eyes because of the simple faith with which she approached everything – the simple faith that many of us have forgotten.



#2 Anne Hall Whitt
I have a very personal and deep connection to this particular biography. When I was 7, my mom read Whitt’s The Suitcases with me. This was a couple months after I came to America after my adoption, and I could readily relate to Whitt’s story. Her story made us cry and laugh at various points, and it personally helped me to better communicate with my mom and for her to better understand me and my pain at that time. I recommend this memoir for everyone to read because Anne’s story is poignant and beautiful and memorable.

Anne Hall Whitt


#1 Maria Augusta von Trapp
Since I was 7 (and could barely speak English), I have thoroughly enjoyed and adored singing to all the songs in the movie The Sound of Music. You can imagine how overjoyed and thrilled and absolutely bubbling with excitement I was to discover that one of my most beloved women had actually written a memoir about one of my most beloved movies! Together, my parents and I read The Story of the Trapp Family Singers and relished in her witticisms, humor, sweetness, and beautiful romance with the Captain.


Have you read any of these memoirs?
Which memoirs/authors are your favorite?

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