Poem of the Week: “To Know Now”

I wrote this poem as a reminder that as we go through life’s pains, we grow – spiritually in our walk with God, emotionally in our walk with others, and mentally as we walk ourselves through life. Sometimes, though, we wish we knew then what we know now. And this poem aims to demonstrate this point – sometimes, at first, it seems useless to learn a lesson because you learned it the hard way, and you’ve already experienced the pain. You wish someone would have told you how hard it would be. But they didn’t. Or perhaps they did and you didn’t listen. But now you know…

To Know Now

I stood broken, taken unaware;
I stood in silence and I stared…

At the world crumbling around me,
At the overwhelming pain inside me…

He said he cared,
But now my tears fall silently and he does not notice…

He said he would never leave,
But now he’s walking out the door without a backward glance…

He whispered sweet things to me,
Like any white liar would…

And I was naive enough
To believe him…

Now, I know better.
But now, I am broken…

So, what use is it to know better

© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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