Friday’s Favorite Five: Fantasy Authors

Good evening y’all!

Tonight, I’m going to cover my favorite five fantasy authors.

Let’s dive in!


#5 Brian Jacques, Frances Hodgson Burnett, & Gail Carson Levine
So, let’s just not mention the 3-in-1, savvy? K…
Let’s start with Brian Jacques. When I was in my late single-digits and my early teens (9-13), I thoroughly enjoyed reading Brian’s Redwall series, and I strongly suggest this series of small adventures for every young reader! He was one of the first authors with whom I journeyed into a world beyond the hear-and-now – when I read his books I literally lost sight of everything around me.
Next, we have Frances Hodgson Burnett. This author deserves to be higher on this ranking, but I have only read one of her books (though a dearly beloved one), so I am not as experienced with her writings. If you are looking for a new, mysterious, wonderful, powerful adventure I highly recommend her book The Lost Prince of Samavia (which I have read) and The Secret Garden (which I dearly wish to read).
Finally, we have Gail Carson Levine. Levine has a powerful way with words and she did a superb job creating the mental images in my head because even now, 7-8 years after reading her book The Two Princesses of Bamarre only once, I can vividly picture the dragon and the quest the two very different sisters experienced.



#4 Jerry B. Jenkins
Jerry’s The Wormling series is very riveting and an awesome adventure, mystery, fantasy read for all ages! Nothing but good to say about it. Also, Jerry has a Christian worldview, which is an awesome bonus, especially when reading to a younger audience.



#3 Lloyd Alexander
I was first introduced to Lloyd Alexander by accident. I was at the library, and for some reason I thought I had picked up a Tolkien book. Needless to say, when I arrived home, I discovered that I had, in fact, picked up the second book of a completely different series. But being the lazy, avid reader that I am, instead of going back to the library, I just sat down and read the book I had mistakenly checked out. And so I read The Black Cauldron (The Chronicles of Prydain: Book 2) for the first time. And I was not disappointed whatsoever. I very strongly recommend that you read The Chronicles of Prydain series if you want to be part of an awesome (and often hilarious) adventure.



#2 Chuck Black
A Christian and an awe-inspiring author, Chuck Black captivated my heart when I first read Kingdom’s Dawn, which is the first book in the Kingdom series (which is perhaps one of the best series of I have read – though admittedly not in order and not in its entirety.

The Kingdom SeriesChuck Black

#1 Christopher Paolini
And for the grand finale…

…drum roll please…


Okay, if you haven’t read Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle, please go do that. He was a home school student who became an amazingly talented author – creating his own languages, races, maps, and histories. I fell in love with Eragon (the first book) and ever since, any dragon book I read I always compare back to this one. Also, Eragon the movie is pretty well done, and I wish that they had done more advertising for it, so that the second book (and maybe even the entire series) would be made into a movie.



And that’s a wrap, folks!

Thank you for spending time with me and my favorite authors! I hope you enjoyed these suggestions, and I can’t wait to share more with you next Friday!


Who are some of your favorite fantasy authors?
What are some of your favorite fantasy books?


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