Country Christmas

Howdy Y’all!

For many, Christmas season and music are synonymous…

And that is also true for me…

But, as some of you may very well know, I am also a die-hard country music fan…

So, how do I solve my problem of wanting to listen to country music during Christmas season (besides just listening to straight up country 24/7 like I usually do…)?

I listen to Country renditions of my favorite Christmas songs!

In this simple, short post, I would like to share with you some of my all-time favorite country versions of Christmas carols.


Before you ignore this post completely without listening to the videos because you think country music is lame or for whatever reason you may have…


And consider that sometimes you gotta get our of your comfort zone – sometimes you just need to go try something new.

I know if I hadn’t, I would never have fallen in love with country.

So, here are some awesome country renditions of some of my most beloved Christmas songs! Enjoy!


Comment below and let me know if you
are also country fan or just became one!
Which was your favorite song rendition?



All video and music rights belong to YouTube and
the respective YouTubers who posted these videos.

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