Poem of the Week: “Freedom in Faith”

I wrote this poem sometime last year in order to commemorate how our country was founded on the faith of our forefathers and how Christians can always draw strength from the faith they have in Christ.

Freedom in Faith

The faith my fathers loved and lived upon,
The story of how all the world began,
Enshrining memories of long ago,
Thus live I now on sure foundation, bold.
In every single moment of our lives
There is a Voice that calls us to obey.
It knocks upon our hearts of solid metal,
Until the Lord doth give us hearts of flesh.
Then springing up like blossoms golden,
In silver wake of morning’s sudden dawn,
The heart is open now and flying free,
Far from the shadows which entangled it.

© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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