Sing a New Song

Tonight, my family and I enjoyed a wonderful, beautiful Christmas Concert performance at our church. The Christmas hymns were simply refreshing, and Handel’s Messiah sounds better and better every time I listen to it. After the concert, we sang hymns and lit up the Christmas tree in our courtyard. It seems like during the Christmas season, hymns and carols and concerts are everywhere – we hear them in the stores, we hear them in the street, we hear them in church, we hear them at school. Song seems to define this season.

This got me thinking.

Life is a Song

Do you have a song?

I don’t mean a favorite song you like to dance to in the car. Those are awesome, yes. But I mean a song that defines you. A song of your life. Of what you want your life to look like. A song that is your life.

What does that song sound like?

Is it that slow, thoughtful, sweet song that everyone wants to hear more of? Or is it a cacophonous racket that people can’t wait to get away from?

What kind of song is your life?

Does it make others happy? Does it make them depressed? What is that song you call life? Is it a song that praises you and your deeds? Or is it a song that praises God and His wondrous works?

Where do you see your life song going?

Is it for the here and now? Or is it for eternity? Is it a song you’re ashamed of and one that you want to hide? Or will it be the song you want to present to your Lord and Savior when you stand before Him in His kingdom?


I know my life song isn’t always a sweet, soft melody praising God. And it isn’t always one I would like to present to Him when He says my time for writing my song is finished, and He calls me home to Heaven. But I try to choose daily to make my life more of a song for the glory of God, so that I can be more of a living sacrifice to my King and Savior. It isn’t easy, and Christ never said it would be. Every day is a guaranteed struggle. But that also means that every day can be a victory – for Him and through Him.

So, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, sing the song God has given you. Fight the good fight with dedication and patience. Run the race set before you with endurance and perseverance and love. And inherit the eternal life guaranteed to you by your Savior.

Fight the Good Fight

And each morning, no matter what, sing a new song.

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