Poem of the Week: “Falling to Rise”

I wrote this poem as a reminder to try again when you fail, to look beyond the immediate drabness and difficulty, to seek the face and help of the Lord in order to get back up again – in order to succeed. It’s a reminder that sometimes you need to fall painfully in order to soar perfectly.





A sudden whirring.

A sudden plunge.

A sudden vertigo.

The sky spun.

The ground gave way.

The daylight disappeared.

I hit the bottom.

Harder than I expected.

Quicker than I wanted.

Darker than I envisioned.

Everything vanished.

Nothing mattered.

Except getting back up.

Up to the sky.

Up off the ground.

Up to the daylight.

Where I could see.

Where I could breathe.

Where I could try again.

And this time I wouldn’t fail.

I wouldn’t fall.

I would rise.

I would succeed.

I would soar.

Because I needed the air to breathe.

The sun to see.

The Lord to live and live fruitfully.



© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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