Missions Friday

Hey Y’all!

So, I know normally I would do a Friday Favorite Five, but unfortunately I did not have time this week to procure a list of five favorites. In lieu of my usual post, I decided to write a post about missions.

This evening, I had the amazing blessing of partaking with my church family and friends in a Missions Dinner, known to us as Taste of the Nations. This dinner is a yearly gathering at which members of our church set up tables featuring samples of foods from various nations.

We should always remember our missionaries every day, and we should always keep them in our prayers and in hearts. Today, I would like us all to remember our calling – Christ’s command and commission. My pastor shared a verse tonight, and it was remarkable listening to it being read in seven different languages. I would like to share it with all of you:


My family and I have used a book entitled Operation World to stay updated on missions in other countries for many years now. It is a fantastic book which contains statistics for the number of Christians, missionaries, and churches in various countries. It also contains a small political/governmental snippet about each country to keep you updated on the political climate of the country There is detailed information in it for every country – even including county-specific prayer requests. I would strongly recommend that every Christian own the most recent and updated version of this book in order to remain informed about the missions progress in other countries. Here is the website if you would like to order this wonderful resource: Operation World

However amazing this book may be, you do not need it to appreciate, remember, and pray for our missionaries everywhere. If you are a missionary, please know you are in our prayers (by name, if I know it). So, instead of five favorites this week, I would like us all to pick five countries (or five missionaries) to pray for specifically. I know we cannot always be the missionaries on the front lines, but the missionaries on the front lines find their strength in Christ and in the knowledge that their fellow brethren are praying for them and supporting them spiritually from home.

There is one missions organization called Mission to the World, and this is the link to their map to help you get started with finding your prayer target, so to speak: Map

From the map, you can select a specific region of the world and then a more specific missionary family. Once you have chosen a missionary family, you can read a little about them and pray for them in a more specific and personal way. Please pray about signing up for missionary newsletters or even donating. It is also wonderful if you already have your own missionaries from your church. Thank you, my dear readers, for participating in praying for and supporting our missionaries. And thank you, my dear missionary followers, for being courageous on the front lines. You are in our hearts and prayers always.



Please comment below and let me know about missionaries
that you support – please feel free to share prayer requests.
If you are a missionary, please comment below about
any prayer requests you may have.

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