Poem of the Week: “Beauty in the Undertow”

This poem is a reminder to find beauty in the ugly, in the difficult, in the disastrous, and in the discouraging moments of life. Always remember to find the promise in the storm, and you will always be in the presence of your Savior.

Beautiful Storm

It wasn’t the new day.

They didn’t ask for the night, either.

It wasn’t the sun they wanted,

The moon and stars struck no cord of passion in them.

They smiled at the jagged edges of the rocks,

At the dimpled and askew potholes in the road.

When the rain was falling,

When the sun was crying,

And the clouds were screaming,

Then they saw Beauty.

It wasn’t the new month.

They didn’t ask for a blessing, either.

It wasn’t the rose petals they wanted,

The sound of tiny feet pattering on the floor meant nothing.

They smiled at the hurricane rattling their windows,

At the flood that washed through their home.

When the sun failed to rise,

When the moon failed to light the way,

And the stars refused to shine upon the midnight path,

Then they felt Beauty.

It wasn’t the new year.

They didn’t ask for more time, either.

It wasn’t the praise they wanted,

The legendary pot of gold held no such intrigue for them.

They smiled at the tornado that blew away their home,

At the tsunami that ravaged their land.

When they couldn’t breathe,

When they couldn’t hope,

And when love flew away on wings of eagles,

Then they knew they were held by more than love.

Then they knew they were held

By Something beautiful.

© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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