Friday’s Favorite Five: Comedians

I love laughing. Anyone who has known me for any period of time knows this. Laughter is one of the most beautiful ways to show friendship, trust, love, and joy. I have always loved watching comedies because they remind me of how beautiful the simple things in life are. They remind me of how wonderful and special this gift from God is – this gift called Laughter.

Snoopy Laughing

#5 Jeff Dunham:
Jeff Dunham is a gifted ventriloquist, no doubt about it, and his Jose Jalapeño skits always make me laugh. He is very quick, and makes very weird connections sometimes, but that only adds to the humor of his show. However, be careful when finding shows to watch because he’s inclined to produce rude humor in some of his shows, so not everything is 100% family proof. Here’s one of my favorite sketches:

#4 Jeff Foxworthy:
We all know him from Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader and The American Bible Challenge, but Jeff has also started doing his own stand-up comedy on the Jeff Foxworthy Show and various one-man tours. Be careful, however, because Jeff insinuates things in some of his humor, but he’s not quite as outspoken as Jeff Dunham. Still, Jeff is really hilarious, especially when he does his redneck comedy sketches.

#3 Taylor Mason:
I saw Taylor Mason live a couple years ago, and I absolutely loved his show! He is, by far, my favorite ventriloquist. He is extremely talented, and (the best part) he is a Christian, and all of his comedy is completely clean and family-friendly! The reason he’s not number 3 is simply because the next comedian will always have a special place in my heart. Here’s one of my favorites: Paco

#2 Tim Conway:
I first saw Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett Show, and I loved him. I honestly think many times in Carol’s shows Tim actually stole the show – in every form of the phrase. Also, Tim did a marvelous job in his role as Ensign Parker on Mchale’s Navy. With this naturally hilarious personality, and his seemingly naive comedy style, Tim blows me away every time I see his skits. Honestly, the only reason Tim isn’t my number one comedian is because Tim Hawkins has more of a variety of subjects on which he does his shows. Here is one of my all-time favorites: Dentist Sketch

#1 Tim Hawkins:
Christian, clean, and hilarious! Tim Hawkins has been my favorite for the past couple years, and all his jokes stay fresh and funny even after hearing them for the thousandth time. Tim can sing, play the guitar, make up hilarious songs to popular tunes, and make absolutely hysterical jokes about the menial things of every day life. Here’s one of my favorites from Tim that my family and I always joke about: Little Helper


Comment below and let me know who your favorite comedians are!

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