Poem of the Week: “From First Dawn to Last Sigh”

I wrote this poem a couple years ago, and I wanted to share it with you, especially as it relates to roses and life in general. It reminds us how ephemeral life is, and how we should treasure the little moments.

Rose Dying

Rose had risen at the first crow of the rooster,
When the sun was just peeking over the horizon
To welcome in a brand new day.
Yawning, she waved a sleepy “good morning” to her flower friends,
Who yawned and bobbed silent greetings in return.
Blushing gently with the cool stroke of the wind’s long fingers,
Rose gracefully curtsied a “good day” to a visiting bee,
Who bowed politely in return, but refused to impose any longer,
Hovering and zigzagging in an earnest effort to appear productive.
Dancing lightly as the breeze took her slender hand in an elegant waltz,
Rose tilted her sylphlike crown and laughed
With the magical chime of a thousand silent bells.
Her smile was like the smile of heaven
Widening across her dainty and bonny countenance.
In full bloom, she twirled with the charming breeze,
Refusing to let go of the mystical moment
Which enraptured them both in that pure, but momentary, glee of young life.
For indeed, no sooner had the day begun,
Than it was already coming to an abrupt end,
And Rose felt a poignant pang of loss as she kissed the darkness
And fell silently to the earth, exhaling one last sigh of life.

© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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