Friday’s Favorite Five: Music Sources

Plato's Music Quote

I live and breathe music. Country. Classical. Christian. Pop. Soundtracks. You name it. In fact, if you’re like me, you may very well be able to hold an entire conversation with  music lyrics. If you haven’t done this, I urge you to try it! Anyway, these are my favorite five music sources. Although all of these have a paid version, I have only used these in their free versions, so my reviews are based on that. If you have paid for any of the premium plans for any of these music sources, please comment below and let me know which one you love most and which works the best for you!

#5 iHeart Radio App:
I first started out with iHeart, and I thought it was heaven. But then they began to come out with iHeart Premium, and I didn’t enjoy the free version as much because the number of daily skips allowed became limited, and I couldn’t customize playlists, either. So, it kind of went down on my list of loves.

#4 Apple Music:
I love iTunes. Period. But it’s not free, which is a major downside. However, I enjoy only spending money on the individual tracks that I want to listen to, without actually buying an entire album when I only wanted one song. I also enjoy the portability and offline use of the downloadable music, since it works well with my constant use of my iPod in places with no wifi.

#3 Youtube Red:
I only have the free version, but I love it! I can create my own playlists of individual songs, and I enjoy the limitless music video selection. The only thing I really don’t like about this app is that I cannot listen to it unless my device is turned on. I can’t turn my iPod off and listen to the music because the music stops along with the video.

#2 Pandora:
Pandora is pretty great and the music selection is awesome, but the reason it is my second favorite is because you cannot create your own playlists by adding individual songs (or else I haven’t figure it out yet). For example, if I wanted an all country playlist (which is usually the case), then I can follow a country artist and Pandora will automatically play related music. But I cannot put the songs in the particular order I want, and I cannot create my own personal mood playlists (which is an absolute must for me). One great thing about Pandora is that you can follow friends and listen to their music. So, if you get it or have it, you can follow me – my Pandora name is 4EverJoy431.

#1 Spotify:
So, I realize there are many who would say that Spotify is a pain when it comes to playing too many ads, and some completely discourage use of it. I am one who would strongly disagree. On Spotify, you get about an ad every ten songs (which is not bad at all), and you can create amazing playlists and follow friends! (I’m literally listening to it right now!) I love the unlimited music you can play for free, and the paid rates are not that terrible, as you can get premium for only $5 per month if you are a college student! I highly suggest you go with Spotify if you haven’t been able to decide where to listen to your music. And if you get it, you can follow me – my Spotify name is Sveta431.

Let me know which one you love the most or which one you use the most!

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