Poem of the Week: “Land I Love”

So, I wrote this poem a while back – a few years back actually. It’s about how I felt on the plane flying here to America for the first time.

Land I Love

To the land of my birth, to my Dame of
old times,
Though the mem’ries may stay, and the
songs may still chime,
I will sing a farewell to my Mistress
of old,
As I wave from a plane at her sunset’s
of gold.

As the last sight of her may pass from my
And my thoughts start to race as to
what will I do,
To my heart I will say, “You will see
her again.”
And to this all my heart will declare, “Yes,

So the tears that I shed are wiped from my
For I know that I’ll once more encounter
her grace.
May her beauty to me be the dawn of
her reign,
As I’ll always remember my home in

© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

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