Poem Of The Week: “Beloved Lamb”

I am a tremendous fan of poetry, and over the years I have taken to writing my own poems. So, in addition to my weekly posts, I’ll post a new poem I have written every week (until I run out of my poems), and then I will just post favorite poems of mine by various authors! So here’s the first poem I ever wrote, and it’s called “Beloved Lamb”:

Beloved Lamb

Safe am I
In the arms of Love
Where trust is a
Bond between us,
And compassion pours
From the brimming eyes
Of my beloved Jesus.

His heart was broken
For my own sake.
His back was
Beaten for me.
From this dark world,
The Lamb of God
Turned away from Harmony.

Christ cried in Agony
And pain to His Father
Far above Him.
Because of me,
He breathed His last,
An unwanted outcast.

He was rejected,
And beaten.
Then He died
And rose again.
He conquered death
And gave me freedom
And now for’er He’ll reign.

© Copyright 2018, Svetlana Harris. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Poem Of The Week: “Beloved Lamb”

    1. Thank you, Gray! I checked out your blog and it’s very lovely, too! You have a very friendly and cozy atmosphere!😊❤️


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